Wednesday, 6 August 2014

wednesday 6th august 2014.

long time no speak hahaha
i miss polyvore a hell of a lot but tbh i dont think ill be coming back any time soon bc laptop has gone to laptop heaven so 😞
anyways i decided that im gonna just write blog posts from now on bc its boring being able to vent out things and stuff so it will sorta be like a set description without a set obviously lol

so um what can i say
i just got top braces and tbh they actually hurt like a bitch and it hurts to chew food and i cant swallow properly so basically im living off soup and i had to turn down sausage today and i couldn't eat all four jaffa cakes so wow srsly there is something wrong with me
mmm what else im having a fringe this week i think
and i got 5sos tickets for 9th june next year yay i get to see them in real life ahhh yay so happy my babies

also im happy v v happy and even tho i do miss poly i kinda like being without it without the stress of making a set so yeah haha but i do miss everyone so much and if u do have a kik add me laurenisagiraffe so we can talk still i have a lot of u as contacts already so😊 and i have my tumblr still and ask fm too so and also i have a pinterest so there's still ways u can contact me and stuff

i miss u all and ill be posting posts more regularly and hopefully they wont be boring altho i am boring sorryz 😞
bye bye ily ♡♡♡

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