Thursday, 3 July 2014

july 3rd 2014 ♡

hii im alive still i really felt like writing a blog post bc i miss expressing myself and writing about my day and things and that's probably why i should get a diary?

idk but i had a really really good day today and i wanted to share my amazing experience so on the 7th may which was two months ago but whatever, i went to a holocaust museum and i met a survivor called ruth and then last week i got a letter and yet another opportunity to meet another holocaust survivor, this time a man called martin he was so amazing, a really wonderful man and he was so interesting and so was his life he was dutch and had grew up in amsterdam all his life (which is the part of his life i was kind of jealous of, the rest not so jealous)

it tells you all of his story here in this link

one of the things i did like about his story is that he actually lived very very close to the building where anne frank was hiding, and i absolutely adore anne frank and her story so that was amazing

you should check out that link because his story is so moving and he is a very very intelligent man and he speaks better english than me and he's dutch! ehehe

so yeah my day was amazing and now im holding an event with a few of my friends, i think we are either doing a movie marathon in the school hall or an xbox party sorta thing to earn some money and give it to the genocide awareness charity bc its very important to me.

before i go just want to say i miss you all so so much and add me on kik; laurenisagiraffe and kristen will be making a set for me on ashtons bday lol bc ahaha wow ashton also i did see those pictures of him with the fucking girl in the nightclub and yes i was very pissed off but who cares her dress was fucking tacky 😊 bye bye ily all so much mwah mwah xxxxxx

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