Saturday, 28 June 2014

in case you're wondering...

hello you have probably all forgotten me but im still alive its just my laptop is kinda dead atm so i cant really go on poly and i can even begin to explain how much i miss making sets and looking at all ur sets and talking to u all but im just thankful i have some of ur kiks 😊 so i have no idea when im going to get my laptop fixed, all i need to get my laptop back to normal is a reboot disc but i don't have one of those but im getting one real soon i think im just so uneasy bc i miss polyvore so so much 😞 i have however been having more of a life now i don't have polyvore, ive been studying alot more and been focusing much more on my art work for school. i went to a fashion show which was part of my local college's arts festival and it was so fab and on 8th july i have my own fashion show, i will finally be able to show off the greek goddess outfit i made for the contest and ill make sure i take pics too 😊 i also haven't changed ehe im still lauren and im still pretty much in love with the same bands and things ahaha cough 5sos and yes i have their dont stop ep yes i have listened to the album 5 times a day yes i am still unbelievably obsessed and in love with ashton and im just sad bc i wont be able to make a set for his bday on the 7th but kristen will sort out that for me, so thank u ily ♡ what else is going on my life mm i went to see tfios and i cried at the part where hazels mum said to her you can let go in the flashback and i didn't stop crying after that i just cried the whole way through bc i knew what was coming and it breaks my heart in two but yes the film was also really funny too and ah its such a good film 😃 also the day before my bday in september im going to see the 1975 with my two best friends and yes im just so happy about that ahh 😊😊 maybe i should write more blog posts let me know if u want them ahaha idk and also to my friends on poly who i haven't spoken to in ages I AM SO SORRY I MISS U SO MUCH AH ILY also if any of u have kik, then add me; laurenisagiraffe pls talk to me ehe i miss u 👍👍 i dont think there's anything else to say really but honestly i miss u all alot and aha i need to get back on polyvore 😫 im gonna go now and thx for reading this if u did, i love u all i love u ahh 💗💗💗 lots of kisses and omg im gonna cry bc i miss poly ok bye bye xoxoxoxoxo

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