Tuesday, 22 April 2014

mmfd style mm

i love mmfd 
way too much 
in fact even tho it finished like ages and ages ago 
i still am pretty much in love with it and all the characters and i watch it everyday
one thing i do love about mmfd other than like EVERYTHING OMG 
its the style
that sorta style was very very common in the 90's in england 
and kinda still is a massive thing in england like harringtons for example 
but i take alot of inspo from chloe and rae and izzy and actually finn too so its a mix 

heres some of my faves and stuff from the show 
i hope u likey bc i do HEAPS ALOT 

the gang (minus finn but whatever) 
izzy's style is really girly i like her bright sunglasses and high waisted shorts 
also i love rae's combination of leather jacket and band tee's 
now my ultimate favourite girl in the history of ever chloe always looks super nice with her high waisted skirts and crop tops omg LOVE 

rae's trademark look of denim and leather mixed it looks super pretty
and also chloe's body con dress with a big oversized bomber jacket looks really hot 

can we just appreciate izzy's outfit a second? 
denim jacket, denim jeans, converse and a really mini backpack now that is CUTE AS i want 

the gang again (minus archie this time) 
florals and pastels on izzy, rae's trademark band tee and leather jacket look, and finn ties a plaid shirt around his waist I LOVE THAT  
and chloe's bodycon dress and shirt wrap with trainers too

i always did have an obsession with izzy's denim outfit omg

now this is a massive FAVE 
i love her mix of animal print and bright colours and im taking that tip next time i wear my leopard print fur coat woo 
she looks incredibly pretty with her hair up like that too with a scrunchie (i own about 293930 scrunchies and wow alot )

i love how izzy wears a t-shirt under a dress its super pretty and casual 
also rae looks incredibly fab in pink and black 
i have an obsession with high neck crop tops i just 

another absolute FAVE 
chloe was the one who inspired me to wrap my shirts like that at the waist with skinnies and boyfriend jeans too its really HOT 

i really love rae's denim outfit and also izzy's daisy print dress with another PINK MINI BACKPACK i cry because of that i really want a mini backpack like that 

rae's band tees and plaid outfit she wears so much i love it 

i LOVE chloe's denim dress over a t-shirt i almost screamed 

even tho this is a gif i just had to include something about chloe's headbands it looks SO GOOD ON HER i love that 

but rae's sparkly jacket was so so hot i want 

oh and of course chloe's tartan mini skirt so cute and her hair is really high and it looks so cool i want to be her so bad 

i really had to include this too i love those high neck crops and mini skirts it makes me emotional i love clothes 

in conclusion i really fucking love my mad fat diary 
love lauren xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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