Wednesday, 6 August 2014

wednesday 6th august 2014.

long time no speak hahaha
i miss polyvore a hell of a lot but tbh i dont think ill be coming back any time soon bc laptop has gone to laptop heaven so 😞
anyways i decided that im gonna just write blog posts from now on bc its boring being able to vent out things and stuff so it will sorta be like a set description without a set obviously lol

so um what can i say
i just got top braces and tbh they actually hurt like a bitch and it hurts to chew food and i cant swallow properly so basically im living off soup and i had to turn down sausage today and i couldn't eat all four jaffa cakes so wow srsly there is something wrong with me
mmm what else im having a fringe this week i think
and i got 5sos tickets for 9th june next year yay i get to see them in real life ahhh yay so happy my babies

also im happy v v happy and even tho i do miss poly i kinda like being without it without the stress of making a set so yeah haha but i do miss everyone so much and if u do have a kik add me laurenisagiraffe so we can talk still i have a lot of u as contacts already so😊 and i have my tumblr still and ask fm too so and also i have a pinterest so there's still ways u can contact me and stuff

i miss u all and ill be posting posts more regularly and hopefully they wont be boring altho i am boring sorryz 😞
bye bye ily ♡♡♡

Thursday, 3 July 2014

july 3rd 2014 ♡

hii im alive still i really felt like writing a blog post bc i miss expressing myself and writing about my day and things and that's probably why i should get a diary?

idk but i had a really really good day today and i wanted to share my amazing experience so on the 7th may which was two months ago but whatever, i went to a holocaust museum and i met a survivor called ruth and then last week i got a letter and yet another opportunity to meet another holocaust survivor, this time a man called martin he was so amazing, a really wonderful man and he was so interesting and so was his life he was dutch and had grew up in amsterdam all his life (which is the part of his life i was kind of jealous of, the rest not so jealous)

it tells you all of his story here in this link

one of the things i did like about his story is that he actually lived very very close to the building where anne frank was hiding, and i absolutely adore anne frank and her story so that was amazing

you should check out that link because his story is so moving and he is a very very intelligent man and he speaks better english than me and he's dutch! ehehe

so yeah my day was amazing and now im holding an event with a few of my friends, i think we are either doing a movie marathon in the school hall or an xbox party sorta thing to earn some money and give it to the genocide awareness charity bc its very important to me.

before i go just want to say i miss you all so so much and add me on kik; laurenisagiraffe and kristen will be making a set for me on ashtons bday lol bc ahaha wow ashton also i did see those pictures of him with the fucking girl in the nightclub and yes i was very pissed off but who cares her dress was fucking tacky 😊 bye bye ily all so much mwah mwah xxxxxx

Saturday, 28 June 2014

in case you're wondering...

hello you have probably all forgotten me but im still alive its just my laptop is kinda dead atm so i cant really go on poly and i can even begin to explain how much i miss making sets and looking at all ur sets and talking to u all but im just thankful i have some of ur kiks 😊 so i have no idea when im going to get my laptop fixed, all i need to get my laptop back to normal is a reboot disc but i don't have one of those but im getting one real soon i think im just so uneasy bc i miss polyvore so so much 😞 i have however been having more of a life now i don't have polyvore, ive been studying alot more and been focusing much more on my art work for school. i went to a fashion show which was part of my local college's arts festival and it was so fab and on 8th july i have my own fashion show, i will finally be able to show off the greek goddess outfit i made for the contest and ill make sure i take pics too 😊 i also haven't changed ehe im still lauren and im still pretty much in love with the same bands and things ahaha cough 5sos and yes i have their dont stop ep yes i have listened to the album 5 times a day yes i am still unbelievably obsessed and in love with ashton and im just sad bc i wont be able to make a set for his bday on the 7th but kristen will sort out that for me, so thank u ily ♡ what else is going on my life mm i went to see tfios and i cried at the part where hazels mum said to her you can let go in the flashback and i didn't stop crying after that i just cried the whole way through bc i knew what was coming and it breaks my heart in two but yes the film was also really funny too and ah its such a good film 😃 also the day before my bday in september im going to see the 1975 with my two best friends and yes im just so happy about that ahh 😊😊 maybe i should write more blog posts let me know if u want them ahaha idk and also to my friends on poly who i haven't spoken to in ages I AM SO SORRY I MISS U SO MUCH AH ILY also if any of u have kik, then add me; laurenisagiraffe pls talk to me ehe i miss u 👍👍 i dont think there's anything else to say really but honestly i miss u all alot and aha i need to get back on polyvore 😫 im gonna go now and thx for reading this if u did, i love u all i love u ahh 💗💗💗 lots of kisses and omg im gonna cry bc i miss poly ok bye bye xoxoxoxoxo

Sunday, 18 May 2014

summer loving.

summer is nearly upon us 
so im going to share some of my summery inspiration
even tho i actually hate summer HA 
 enjoy :-)



☪ Fuck me now and love me later ☪




sea smile & probably more sea lice



Oyster x Nike Gyakusou


Thomas Prior



Anja Konstantinova

reblogging bc its p much my fave pic ever


Henrik Purienne

Gemma Ward backstage at Proenza Schouler Spring 2005


Alexander McQueen F/W 1996 ‘Dante’



luv ya :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 17 May 2014

babe, you look so cool.

hi bunnies
even tho this video was like uploaded in april HAHA i still am a little bit obsessed
robbers by the oh so amazing 1975 
is my fave 
and ME AND KRISTEN'S SONG repeat me and kristen's song
so yeah 

in case u havent seen the video 
shut up and listen
here it is 

now my thoughts on the video (with pictures ofc)

first of all 
what does good old matty think of the video then mm??

well he says it is inspired by and based on the film 'true romance' by quentin tarantino  

"i got really obsessed with the idea behind patricia arquette's character in true romance when I was about 18.''

''that craving for the bad boy in the film, it's so sexualised. it was something i was obsessed with.''

''robber's is about a heist that goes wrong- i suppose you can read it as a metaphor - and a girl who's obsessed with her professional killer boyfriend. it's a romantic ideal.''

now that is amazing. 

now my personal thoughts 

the outfits were so beautiful tho 
like wow everything was beautiful tbh 
also i need to be the girl bc wow all that kissing 
pls lemme be her 

haha i liked this part 
its like a proper boyfriend girlfriend thing right omg 

he makes smoking and potentially having lung cancer look really kool with a K 


also goals lol 


wow style icon tbh
i have those boots LOL 
brb gonna go rip a hole in my jeans 

babe u look so KOOL 



*copy and paste myself instead of girl*

in conclusion


love lauren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

a lil bit of inspo

im stuck for inspo again ha yay 
just some inspo and pictures i like alot this week i guess 
taken from my own blog and just basically tumblr and stuff 


films to watch, #4 Pretty Baby (1978)


me next week txt it c u on the flip side bitchez


instagram: @lostpetal


*sells kitchen table for this shoes*




☼I N D I E☼


Jane Birkin.

Catherine Deneuve, 1963


anyways thats it 

hehe my inspo